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cakap cakap…TSMY : Unfit for Office.

“I am a brother to the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Sikhs, the Ibans, the Kadazans, the Dusun, the Murut and those of various ethnicities. I am your prime minister. Even if you are a farmer, a fisherman, a trader, a civil servant or a private-sector employer, I am your prime minister. I urge you to support me to undertake this huge responsibility entrusted on me. Give me a chance to utilize my 40 years of experience in politics and government. I give you my heart and soul. Give me some time to outline a path under this new administration which I will explain to the people as soon as possible,”
That is what Din promised us in the first few days in office as PM. Today we know that the 40 years of experience he has had in politics and government are being used to take Malaysia back to the time when kleptocracy and cash were King. All that needs to be done to condone and make complicit every facet of politics and government in the looting and plundering of our beloved Malaysia has been done. All that is left now is the begin the rape, plunder and pillaging of Malaysia….if it has not been started already.
What will stop all this?
Like Steve Jobs, Muhyiddin has early stage of Pancreatic Cancer, likely Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma. Although the tumour was surgically removed and he was treated with Chemotherapy (not palliative chemo yet) there is a very high risk of RELAPSE. The FACT that recurrence is silent and deadly, metastasizing to the liver or gastrointestinal tract means Muhyiddin must travel to Singapore on a regular basis for MRI scans follow up and tumour markers surveillance.
So the question arises if Umno and PAS were sincere in their political dalliances with Muhyiddin when they already know Muhyiddin’s days are numbered and foresee a power vacuum on the horizon? The truth of the matter is that any Pancreatic tumour surgically removed is still a ticking time bomb. Muhyiddin is unfit for office and would be spending the next 50% of his remaining lifespan monitoring his disease progression.
And the truth of the matter is simply this. Din too also knows this. So all that is left is for us is to watch the macabre spectre of a prime minister, unfit for office, slowly but surely succumb to the physical ravages of Pancreatic Cancer while all around him, allies and enemies plot to hasten that fall. Enough said. 


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