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Selamat Pagi Malaysia

Selamat Pagi Malaysia! Walau pon keadaan Negara kita huru hara, keadaan saya di sini masih terkawal. It is now 8.36 am on a cold Winter morning. Like every morning of my life here, or in KL, I am in my sarong, T-shirt, and slipper. The heater keeps me warm and thoughts of you guys reading what I write so early in the morning makes me smile and keeps me warm and content.

“Adakah kita jadi pembankang paling singkat dalam sejarah?”.

“Adakah kita jadi kerajaan paling singkat dalam sejarah”

Those two questions are being asked by politicians on both sides of the divide….and whatever happens, you and I know that history is again being made in our lifetime. Come let us be part of history….better still, let us shape history. Shall we?



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