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Fighting Hate.

I am conflicted. Why do we Malays hate the Chinese? Why do we Malays hate everybody else? Why do we hate the Christians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, and anybody else who are not of the “chosen Faith?” Do hating them make us Malays any stronger? Does hate make us Malays any better? Why hate when we can love? Why not be inclusive? Why the need to have the “them”  and “us” divide? 

Or maybe I should not use the word “hate”? Maybe dislike may be a better word to use. Hate or dislike it does not really matters anymore. For most Malays and Chinese the divide has become ingrained in their psyche. It has become a way of life.

Common sense tells me to avoid open debate with those who read what I write on these matters that concerns us all so intimately. This and religion are matters I should be quiet about because tiada maaf bagi mu (so I am reminded by many) if I stray into these issues where passions are ignited easily without rhyme or reasons when individuals are confronted by reasons and common sense. 

What reason? What common sense? 

Reasons? We are all human beings.

Common sense? If you prick me, do I not bleed too? 

Ask yourself these same questions that I ask myself and try to find clarity in your thoughts to enable you to see a way out of our conundrum where division, not inclusion reigns over so many Malaysians. This is crazy. Hating each other, disliking each other is crazy and we need to say enough to this madness. If we do not we will not survive past another era of any Malay centric rule in Putrajaya by anyone! Enough said for now.