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cakap cakap : History will tell our children that the insurrection started in 2020. In that year PH fragmented into a thousand pieces as factions within the coalition began the dog eat dog process that has destroyed coalition and leadership within so many political entities. I have seen that happened once in Malaysia in my lifetime when I witnessed the defeat, after six decades of uninterrupted political hegemony, of the Umno led BN during the 14 PRU. The defeat of BN already internally devoid of any soul and crippled by corruption, arrogance and hubris was deserved, The question that begs to be answered is simply this. Why has PH allowed itself to descend to the same depths that Umno has taken six decades to fall into after less than one term in government?     

But first these thoughts of mine. The ancient proverb that says “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not always hold true. Sometimes you must ask yourself why your enemy has that enemy? Tun Mahathir, more than many others, would be familiar with this ancient proverb. He chooses to align himself with Anwar and Kit Siang rather than hold true to Umno, Najib, and his likes.

Today, those within PH are faced with the same conundrum. Do they support Anwar against Mahathir? We too are faced with the same situation. Do we support Anwar against Mahathir? And anyone else with an interest in politics, and that puts 90 percent of Malaysians into that category, are also faced with the same dilemma: Do they support Anwar against Mahathir.   

My stand is simply this: Mahthir led us to victory over BN. I will not forget that too soon. Now can someone tell me what our Brader has done?


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