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Anda Di Jemput Ke Pesta Minum Minyak Kelapa Sawit Bersama Tun Dr Mahathir Dan Ahli Kabinet (Kecuali Mat Kebun).

MUMBAI: India restricts imports of refined palm oil and palm olein
move retaliation against M’sia after its criticism of India

India notification declaring import of refined palm oil ‘Restricted’

Four industry sources told Reuters effective ban on imports of refined palm oil
India can now only import crude palm oil

will hit M’sia but will help Indonesia, biggest exporter of crude palm oil

Indian govt and industry sources told Reuters Modi targeting Msia 
after recent criticism of India by Dr Mahathir 

  • Mahathir said India “invaded and occupied” Kashmir
  • Last month, he said India stoking unrest with citizenship law

this week New Delhi informally asked traders to avoid buying M’sian palm oil
Indian crude palm oil, soyoil and rapeseed prices jumped after announcement

This move will punish M’sia and help local refiners
Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok declined to comment

“Malaysia is in a lose-lose situation with this ruling”
“India will ramp up buying CPO from Indonesia”

Palm oil crucial for M’sian economy – 2.8% of GDP, 4.5% of total exports

M’sia will scramble to find new buyers for their products

India buys more than nine million tonnes of palm oil annually
Indonesia  world’s biggest producer of palm oil

My comments :  

I think this will have an impact on our palm oil. But maybe not immediately. 

Say India will now buy more CPO from Indonesia.  Unless Indonesian production can increase overnite this means Indonesia will have less palm oil to sell to its other markets.

So Indonesia’s other buyers will be looking for CPO. They will have to source it from jeng jeng jeng Malaysia. 

But  our palm oil refiners may suffer if the   demand for unrefined crude palm oil increases.  Local refineries may suffer over capacity.

There is an easy solution for all this – just keep your mouth shut.

Peneroka Felda sekarang makin susah.
Sekarang sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga pula.

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